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EU Crom Server
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AoC News

EU/Crom Server
Age Of Conan Guild currently recruiting to further the guild and build are own Tier 3 city!

We have acquired city space in poitain, you can teleport to the guild city by visiting a 'City Stewart' In the poitain village, were you learn gathering skills, take all the quests at 20 and you can gather all level 20 materials.

phase of building guild city :
Library>Temple>Tradepost>Architect Workshop

Guild city is coming along nice, the people gathering materials are doing a great job the only thing holding us back is the gold.

We will hold gathering for guild events and I hope you join In on this as a member, at least once a week. This will include farming all types of leather to sell for gold for the Parchment + Ink that is required for every building plan, which costs just over 1 gold each building for the plan alone.

From we built the keep are guild can now gain renown experience, this is coming along well, it gives people in the guild something to aim for and unlocks some very nice things, from extra buildings to unique mounts, we must all work on this.


Guild News

City Keep Built

packy08, Jul 24, 11 12:15 AM.
Congratulations guys the keep has been build at are city In poitain
To get to are actual guild city instance, which is awsome for collecting in as its quiet, go see a city stewert in poitain tradeskill village, or though the gates to wild lands right were you start in poitain

To get to poitain you travel to old tarantia then east of map you will see the travel npc, yellow dot, he can take you to a few places including poitain.

Guild Mission Statement

packy08, Jul 20, 11 8:29 PM.
Are first priority as a new guild is 24 members, this is because of the 24 member requirement for a guild city so any new people joining I would appreciate if you could help recruit new members.

Second priority will be acquiring and gathering the materials needed to build a keep, the first building required for are city, it is not too difficult to gather resources for this building but it will be a group thing , alone I was able to get around 1/4 the materials needed In about 1 hour of gathering.
Keep requirements:
150 Ash Tree - 15 Joist
200 Sandstone - 20 Brick
50 Silver - 5 Plain Facade
100 Copper - 10 Brace

1 Gold and 25 silver is also needed for the plan, same as every other building tho the material requirements for the other buildings are pretty low.

When we have are city, which will be a long process of teamwork, we can start powerleveling, raiding and gearing are members on a need before greed loot policy.
Any items not needed from raids etc, go into the guild bank for all members to use.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

packy08, Jul 19, 11 11:02 PM.
So-and-so has logged on!